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Red. 21, Sagittarius, woman, Slytherclaw, I'm also a bookworm and seriephile.

I'm a little French, passionate but poor (Special big up to my idols). Love big cities, Currently, resides in France and living in a isolated village (No, this is unfortunately not the fantasy land of Peter Pan). My ultimate goal would be traveling around the word and eat the best pizza in the universe (yes, just that), but meanwhile i'll continue to write and, slowly, led me to new adventures.

My favorite things include bands, magic, books, tea, street musicians, YouTube, Netflix, series, movies and the solution to become a werewolf or maybe a vampire..
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Actrices :

Megan Fox, Lily Collins, Nina Dobrev, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence,

Acteurs :

Tom Felton, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Logan Lerman, Ian Somerhalder, Johnny Depp, Chia LeBoeuf, Jamie Campbell Bower

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I'm also on BookNode with the same name : TheShaftBird.

Serie Addict : AUnicornSea
TV Show Time : Ashton's Voice

8Tracks : TheShaftBird

Tumblr : TheShaftBird

Professional fangirl. Multifandom.

These guys are still working on their relationship but the important thing is that Raphael just wants Simon to be happy ! And this is the most cutest thing ever. ➰

Series : Shadowhunters, Teen Wolf, The Fosters, The 100, and any other fandoms that I love.

The BAE's/Favorites: Simon Lewis, Lydia Martin, Raphael Santiago, Stiles Stilinski, Mino, Daenerys Targaryen, Derek Hale, Alec Lightwood, Isaac Lahey, Damon Salvatore, Hermione Granger, Magnus Bane, Drago Malfoy, Newt, Luna Lovegood, Tommy

OTPs; Saphael, Sterek, Malec, Bellarke/Clexa, Brallie, Delena, Jonnor, Linctavia, Bliv, Melizzy, Emma x Gunner / Dylema, Dylmas/Newtmas, Dramione
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Né en : 1996
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