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Critère Note Visuel
Globale 4.7
Scénario 4.7
Images 4.7
Emotions 4.3
Suspense 4.7
Musique 4.7
Acteurs 6
Originalité 4.7

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Blonde Ambition




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Ajouté par KateJade le 05-03-2014
The city that never sleeps is about to meet the girl that doesn't quit. Jessica Simpson stars as Katie Gregerstitch, a small-town Oklahoma beauty who's come to New York to visit her long-time boyfriend. But after finding him in the arms of another woman, Katie decides to lose her cheating man and to find herself. With the help of two scheming co-workers (Andy Dick and Penelope Ann Miller) , she lands a job at a top construction firm where she meets and falls for a great guy (Luke Willson) with an even greater secret. Now, nothing is going to stop this go-getter from getting exactly what her heart desires in the romantic comedy that proves you can't keep a bright, beautiful down-home girl down.

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