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Green Fish

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Nationalité : Sud-Coréenne
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Ajouté par Eden314 le 27-02-2016
This is a melodrama depicting death, love, pain, and the hardships that an innocent young man experiences in a violent society, where the meaning of family vanishes because of industrialization. Mak-Dong finishes his military service and is on the way home, when he helps Mi-Ae, who is being harassed by gangsters. As a result, he misses his train. Mak-Dong arrives home with her rosy scarf in his hand. Nobody welcomes Mak-Dong except his big brother with polio. Mak-Dong except his big brother with polio. Mak-Dong wishes he managed a good restaurant so that all the family members could live together. So he goes to Seoul searching for work and goes to the night club where Mi-Ae sings, to return her scarf. Mi-Ae is the mistress of the gangster Bae Tae-Gon. She finds a job for Mak-Dong through Tae-Gon. Mak-Dong begins to work in the parking lot and falls into the Family of violence...
International Film Festivals
2003 Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival ,
2003 Prague International Film Festival Febiofest ,
2004 Jakarta International Film Festival,
2005 the Tiger Eye Firecracker Showcase,
2005 Filmasia Film Festival , Tribute to actor Han Seok-kyu
2008 Fribourg International Film Festival, Tribute to Lee Chang-dong

Box Office in Seoul (Admission) : 163.655

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