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USA : 18 Novembre 2014

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Nationalité : Américain

Budget : 25.000.000 $
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Ajouté par Laure17 le 11-08-2014
The last year of high school has been barely tolerable for Maggie Masters. After being dumped by her three year relationship with Chad, to be traded in for a football dream at UF, she has to succumb to her mother leaving for a better life. Maggie is left to pick up the remains of her fragmented life. When fate intervenes by the touch from the mysterious and handsome Caleb Jacobson, whom she saves, leaves Maggie breathless, startled and captivated. A world of possibilities soon engulf her and an ancient power that erupts within, once you meet your Significant. Bonding Maggie to a world beyond human knowledge and developing supernatural gifts that leave you wondering how much power can one human possess?

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